Embedded Linux Training in Bangalore

Embedded Linux Training in Bangalore

Armtechnow offers this unique workshop,and embedded system training that makes us the best Institute to learn courses in Embedded linux porting and programming in Bangalore. Delivered in form of workshop over weekends, this is course is ideal for working professionals. This course focuses on ARM porting and programming of Linux in custom embedded target. This Embedded Linux course also highlights open-source development model using Linux.

Embedded Linux and Device Drivers

  • Benefits of using Linux and open source tools for embedded systems
  • SOC overview
  • Embedded Linux system architecture
  • Software components for embedded development

Cross-compiler tool-chains

  • Need for cross tool-chain
  • Different tool-chain & build procedures
  • Using pre-build cross tool-chain
  • Building our own cross tool-chain

Machine emulator and virtualizer

  • Why emulator
  • Installing emulator
  • Using emulator for ARM

Linux booting process

  • Linux booting sequence
  • Components of Linux booting
  • Tweaks and changes
  • Use cases


  • Introduction to u-boot
  • Overview of U-boot sourcec
  • Building U-boot for target
  • Booting target with U-boot
  • Understanding U-boot environment
  • Transferring images to target using U-boot


  • Supported hardware architectures
  • Using predefined config files
  • Cross-compiling the kernel for target
  • Understanding kernel boot arguments
  • Understanding NAND/NOR flash
  • File system for flash

Embedded Drivers

  • Platform devices Stack
  • I2C stack
  • SPI stack
  • UART stack
  • MTD stack
  • GPIO access

File system

  • Understanding Unix File system hierarchy
  • Creating file system
  • Porting application
  • Mounting file system as initrd
  • Integrating file system and kernel image
  • Cross-compiling applications and libraries
  • Creating jffs2 file system

Flashing Images

  • Flashing kernel image
  • Flashing file system


  • Memory Technology Device
  • Device Tree
  • Build BusyBox Utility Suite
  • KBuild System
  • Compressed Filesystems
  • Build Target Root Filesystem
  • Kernel Configuration, Compilation, Booting
  • Real Time System Concept
  • Build Root