IoT Training in Bangalore

IOT (Iinernet of thinks) Training in bangalore

A workshop on "INTERNET OF THINGS" presented by armtechnow Technologies.

IOT (Internet of Things) training institutes in Bangalore is a new revolution of the Internet. A world where the real, digital and the virtual are converging to create smart environments that make energy, transport, cities and many other areas more intelligent. A device become a smart device is called IOT. Now a days there are many android and server based application. In this system, value of sensor (e.g. temperature sensor, motion sensor, accelerometer sensor etc.) will be shown on GUI or web server or android application through wireless communication and device will be controlled automatically.Device will be operated on Wifi/GPRS.

Training Name
Workshop Modules of IOT
Introduction to IoT
Why IoT? How IoT is changing the world
Important Terms
Introduction to Rasberrypie
Installing OS on Rasberrypie
Types of Rasberrypie
About the hardware requirement for iot
Introduction • Python Functions
Python Native Datatypes
Python File Handling
Setting up the server
The Apache HTTP Server
Setting up a server
Installing server on a Windows
Understanding how servers work